ACUUS 2016 


Association of Underground Builders

Association of Underground Builders is a Not-for-profit Partnership self-regulated organization specialized in underground space development, with members being involved into design and construction of all kinds of underground structures and facilities.

Association of Underground Builders gives companies involved into underground construction with its extrahazardous unique and technically difficult structures construction and design licenses. Design or construction organization being foreign or Russian should be a member of self-regulated organization in order to be able to work in Russia.

Best information on obtaining the license, prices and property liability conditions could be provided on request. Make an enquiry via e-mail

Association of Underground Builders and its members are interested in international cooperation regarding complex underground space use. Association of Underground Builders is a member of well-known international organizations involved into underground space use development:

  • ITACUS – ITA Committee on Underground Space
  • ACUUS – Associated research Centers for the Urban Underground Space

With efforts of underground construction specialists being consolidated, it is easier to accomplish the world's common goals in a particular country. Association of Underground Builders settles following issues:

  • promotion of complex use of underground space long-term urban planning;
  • improvement of the laws of the Russian Federation for fund-raising in underground construction sector;
  • development and harmonization of engineering regulations, that is important with Russia entering WTO circumstances;
  • modern human resourcing, additional training, specialists advanced training and certification, work placement and training in foreign countries;
  • promotion of implementation of advanced technologies, equipment and materials, leading countries best practices use;
  • workshops and seminars, participation in local and international underground construction exhibitions and events, promoting underground construction in media and at special and construction-related events.

Underground project implementation faces some issues: geotechnical, technical, legislative or social. Bringing together the experts helps the fastest resolving of these issues.